Did you ever imagine as a child how awesome it would be to create things out of thin air? Well, the magic wand that you always wanted is no longer a fantasy as modern technology has given birth to one of the most valuable and ingenious pieces of equipment ever! Yes, we're talking about a 3D pen. This is a revolutionary device that gives you the power to conjure objects of your imagination and create objects of fantasy right in front of your eyes. These are new artistic devices that have generated massive hype among people of all ages and belonging to different professions, who want to use it for decoration, repair, for fun or any other reason.

These pens are, in reality, simplified versions of 3D printers, but come in a handheld format. How does this device work, you ask? Well, a 3D printing pen works almost like a 3D printer and the same kind of filament are arranged into a spool-like structure of moldable thread which melts to form 3D objects. It gives an enormous amount of artistic freedom to a user, who may choose to create anything out of the blue as they wish.

If you buy such a device now, you can be assured that it will come in more use than you had ever imagined; plus, there are even discounts available that can reduce your cost by quite a large margin. There is no reason for you to not check out these revolutionary models that are making waves in the market.

Who is a 3D pen for?

Given the numerous advantages that this pen offers, it is expected that these devices will get more popular in homes, offices, and in an artist's work area in the near future. The technology behind 3D drawing pen is continually improving to become more user-friendly and offer greater efficiency.

Any person under the sun can use this device as it serves multiple purposes. However, it is most popular with designers, decorators, and hobbyists. In comparison to a 3D printer, a 3D drawing pen offers great flexibility to the user and allows them to form items of various shapes sizes. Portability is another plus point that you have to consider because a pen of this sort can be easily carried in one's pocket and be used at a moment's notice. So whenever the creative bug bites, you can whip out your favorite 3D printer pen and let the creative juices flow into the creation of marvelous real-life objects.

These pens can be used for the following purposes:

  • For decoration: Forget about soldering and welding, now you can create various decorative items as well as modify existing elements as quickly as counting 1 2 3. Using a 3D pen, you can add decorative designs to a piece of furniture, add your name to a steel template, or put your brilliant architectural ideas to use to create possibly an unending amount of items for decoration. There are no limitations as far as use is concerned, and you are free to take your mind and soar above the horizon of creating art that is just average.
  • For creative uses: Similar to a 3D printer, a 3D printer pen works by creating slim strands of plastic. Since a pen of this type stays close to melting temperature of the plastic, it quickly allows the plastic to harden from the moment it leaves the pen, which allows the user to draw various 3D "prints into thin air. This has become a favorite among sculptors and architects because they can seamlessly create different designs that may be both conceptual and final for the project. By avoiding the hassle of using 3D printer, they can carry this piece of equipment anywhere that their work demands them to be.
  • For fun: Let's not forget about the fact that 3D art pen toys are already popular with kids of various ages. Using a magnificent device such as this for only serious purposes means leaving half of the fun not enjoyed. Kids love using a 3D pen because as they can let their imagination run wild and bring to life objects of fantasy right in front of their desk. Hobbyists have also taken a liking to these pens because creating various items are a great way to spend time.
  • As a helpful tool: These pens can be used as a welding tool in an efficient manner for 3D prints. As a tool for repair, a 3D printer pen can be utilized in a variety of ways that can fix many items around your house. For instance, if you already own a 3D printer, you can use a pen type to make repairs of any printed part. For example – if your 3D printed action figure loses one of its limbs, then you can use a 3D pen to recreate the damaged part and fix the items together. All you need is a steady hand and some amount of practice before you call yourself a professional in repairing 3D items.

How to buy a 3D pen?

The demand for 3D art pen in the market has exploded in the last couple of years, and industry experts forecast that even more of these devices will be sold shortly. The popularity boom can be attributed to the fact that these pens are not only more efficient and portable but also cheaper if compared to 3D printers. There are many brands that are now producing these devices and in different varieties so that everyone may take a pick based on their requirements and budget. Since the market is now flooded with these devices, finding the perfect 3D printer pen may turn out to be a daunting task, if you do not have any idea about what features to look for in these models. Here are some tips that can help you to make an informed choice whenever you decide to buy a pen of your own. Essential features: One of the best characteristics of a 3D art pen is that it does not require any computer assistance or software. They're inherently stylish, and function by creating thin plastic that starts cooling immediately after leaving the tip of the pen. Using this, you can create 3D drawings faster than you could have ever imagined possible. While buying for the perfect one, keep a lookout for the thickness of the plastic and overall build quality to ensure they last for a long time. Filament used: This will significantly influence the kind of drawing you can make using a 3D drawing pen. There are many types of filaments are available that can produce varying qualities, but the best ones are those that can be easily replaced and makes no mess while doing so. The filament is an essential part of a device of this sort because it holds the plastic material inside.
  • Brand Value: While there are hundreds of manufacturers that claim to be the best producer of a 3D pen, the rule of thumb dictates that only the reputed brands have what it takes to make the best quality pens. Depending upon the brand, your pen will have the qualities that you desire and also offered greater value for money in the long run. So, before taking the money out of your pocket, check the reputation of a brand thoroughly and also pay close attention to the model number. Models vary a lot depending upon their model number, and you can end up with something that you don't desire if you are not paying attention.
  • Budget: You might be excited to get the gadget of your dreams in your hand but keep in mind why you want a 3D pen and how much money you can spend on it. These devices come in various qualities and are offered in different price tags so that people from all walks of life can afford it. Remember not to go overboard with your budget because the last thing you need is to spend a month completely broke!
  • Customer reviews: Going through the reviews from various sources are important to get an idea about the quality of any product. The best way to know about the ingenuity of a 3D printer pen is to read about the opinion of customers have already used these devices. You may also get in touch personally with a reviewer and ask about details that you feel you might need to know more about. Also, don't forget to compare reviews among different websites that are known to provide honest and unbiased reviews.


Now that we have discussed everything regarding a 3D pen, it is time to put your newly gained knowledge to good use and select a pen of your choice that will give you countless hours of joy and productivity. From discussing what this device is all about to why you should give it a try, every information that you might need to choose the perfect model has been laid down right in front of your eyes.

However, if you feel that you want to skip the tedious process of going through reviews and spend many hours reading about descriptions of products, then check out the following top five 3D Printing Pen that has everything you will need.

3Doodler 2.0

This model is fun sketching tool that would turn all sculptures into a 3D object. Although it doesn't have any practical use, it would be a handy tool for creative people. This pen is easy and intuitive to use, and there are plenty of accessories that come inside of the box. It features new nozzle design, improved heating algorithm, dual speed control and primary temperature control. 3Doodler got a new feed system that will make it more reliable and more compatible to use. This new pen will be made up of aluminum material, and it will be one fourth of the size of its previous version.

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This 3D printing pen is very popular in the market as it is user-friendly and allows for both young and old to make creative artwork. This 2015 version pen has replaced the old ink ingredient with 1.75mm ABS or PLA filament, which will assist in creating 3D objects. This pen will feature auto intelligence standby mode for 5 minutes along with a heating temperature around 160 to 230-degree centigrade. It also features many other capabilities like variable speed changer, filaments jamming detection, thermal control, and silent design. You will also find an aluminum spatula, random color choice, and power adapter.

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Genesis 3D

This 3D printing pen is a professional tool that will help you to create 3D masterpieces. It is made from premium quality materials that make it more durable than other similar devices from different brands. This model consists of filaments like PLA and ABS, and you can choose between these two filaments by using LED indicator integrated inside. This model has been developed by Lasso Labs, and it has paved the way for creative minds to design artistic sculptures. Users don't have to worry about getting hurt because this pen has high resistance capability. It has a unique airflow technology that cools down the pen very quickly.

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CreoPop 3D

CreoPop 3D printing pen is a unique tool because it doesn't use regular plastic as ink. It uses a light sensitive material that works same as the plastic material and hardens up when it is exposed to built-in UV light. This photopolymer object helps users to create beautiful design rather than worrying about burning their finger. It is a battery operated pen, and you can charge it by using mini a USB cord. There's also hot nozzle part so children can easily use them. This pen also provides the possibility to use elastic or some other conductive ink that will get hardened using the same technology.

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Polyes Q1

If you are looking for a heatless 3D pen, then Polyes Q1 will be your ideal choice. It doesn't use old plastic materials ink that requires heat in order to function. It is the first 3D printing pen that uses LEDs and liquid ink. It uses FDM technology along various color options that will harden up the ink using the blue LED. This new technology reduces the risk of getting any injury or damage to the eye. You can switch between different modes by using simple switches. It is battery operated, so there is no hassle of handling chords during designing.

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