Drawing is often characterized as sketches marked on a piece of paper, but anyone who's passionate about it knows how it goes way beyond those lines, contours, traces, objects, and different medium that have been used to draw them. It's an expression of oneself and is deemed the basis of all other visual arts. What better way is there to produce your finest work, than to set yourself free as you draw into thin air and let your imagination flow? In this 7TECH 3D Printing Pen review, you will soon discover this extraordinary pen that holds the potential to unleash your creativity and give you endless hours of fun!

The 3D world has made a big leap upon the release of printers they have made commercially available and within reach of 3D sculptors, expert designers, illustrators, and artists. However, this machine requires some knowledge, expertise, and software for its comprehensive system's operation. Two-dimensional illustrations basically follow the x and y-axis, and three-dimensional drawing would involve a third, z-axis. Just thinking about how it can be represented in coordinates and the calculations involved can be confounding and doesn't really sound exciting.

No wonder, the introduction of 3D drawing pens quickly exploded into popularity for it appealed to even more consumers. There is no complex 3D rendering involved, nor does it require any sort of skill, but a 3D pen is made simple and easy to use. Anyone who would like to draw can do almost anything their thoughts and ideas permit with a 3D art pen. Kids and adults, novice and experts, with or without a clue of this new technology, will get to experience power right in their hands with the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen. Learn more about this impressive 3D pen with every detail streamlined from its features and capabilities, how it works, advantages and disadvantages, customer reviews, to help you decide if it's the right pen for you.

Details and Features

Stylish yet Comfortable Pen Body

The first prominent feature that's easily visible is the stylish look of this 3D printing pen, in a nice white and blue combination with a black 0.7mm nozzle and white easy-reach button controls. The slender body of the pens perfectly suits small to bigger hands and makes you comfortable even during long durations of use. This convenience can also be attributed to its ergonomic characteristics. This 3D pen is only 65g and is surprisingly lightweight compared to other pens sold today, yet is heavy in features and functionality.

The flow speed can almost effortlessly be changed by using just a single finger, so you can seamlessly work your way through your project without difficulty. You can go into the most detailed parts of your 3D design without ruining your work and getting frustrated or uncomfortable along the way. Moreover, 7TECH lets you grasp a 3D pen imbued with a super silence design, letting you concentrate and fully focus on your work without any noise and nuances as your hands move along your 3D design in-the-making.

Suitable for 1.75mm ABS type or PLA Filament

The Ver.2015 7TECH 3D Printing Pen replaces the use of ink with plastic. There are two kinds of plastic which are compatible with this pen, either a 1.75mm ABS or a 1.75mm PLA Filament. This material can be utilized to draw in the air, trace objects on paper, and yield your desired 3D object with strokes of the 3D pen. After only a few seconds in time, the plastic quickly hardens and retains the shape of the 3D object you are trying to draw.

The PLA type is biodegradable, which is the best choice for doodlers who observe environmental consciousness at all costs. Many prefer this 3D art pen's plant-based origins and semi-sweet smell over the ABS filament, as well as low-warping parts and is popular among 3D home printers, hobbyists, and even schools.

Though ABS is not a biodegradable kind of material, it has its own advantages which are inherent to the 3D printing process that helps you attain exactly the goal you have for any artwork. Its strength, flexibility, and higher temperature resistance deliver engineers a favorable plastic for professional applications.

LCD Screen

The built-in LCD screen is a distinctive feature of the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen which is not commonly found in other 3D pens. It functions as a useful indicator which displays your temperature control, and the speed of the filament coming out. The heating temperature ranges from 160 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and can be adjusted according to your needs and desired settings, and to reach the ideal temperature for melting different plastics. This advanced thermal control presents convenience and comfort to its user while empowering you over your 3D design.

Easy Controls

The Ver.2015 3D printer pen holds the promise of turning your ideas and artistic thoughts into reality with its user friendly functions. It is equipped with quick and easy controls that correlate with the extrusion speed, heat temperature settings, and the filament you have chosen to use. Different button controls allow you to control extrusion speeds to match your pace as you work on particular 3D designs. Slow down for maneuvering with ease when creating intricately detailed works of art, or hasten the speed for faster completion of repetitive patterns. The button controls also allow you to extrude the filament or switch to reverse motion as necessary. Enjoy seamless controls that make you more efficient in building your project, yet still attain the best performance you can get out of a 3D pen.

Filaments Jamming Detection

The raw material filaments are thin plastic wires which get converted into molten plastic ink. It passes through the feeding mechanism situated on the top of the pen to be heated and extruded out for you to create your design. The least you would like to encounter when engaged in your 3D drawing is a jammed filament whereby the extruder stops extruding from the nozzle right at the wrong time. The 7TECH 3D Printing Pen is built with unclogging mechanisms that function to prevent jamming of filaments. This provides a fun, frustration-free learning environment.


This 3D drawing pen is equipped with an intelligence auto standby mode that is triggered after 5 minutes of idle time, thus ensuring safety of its user and giving parents much-needed peace of mind while their kids use the pen. This also contributes to the durability of the heating element and acts as a power-saving feature. It also comes with an aluminum spatula to protect your child's fingers or your own hands from the hot nozzle part. This minimizes the risk of getting burned while being able to work within the safest environment.

Quality Guarantee

From 7TECH, you are certain that you will be buying an authentic 3D Pen. Do your purchase with confidence for their customers are entitled to a one-year premium quality guarantee.

Product Inclusions

You will receive the following with the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen 2nd Edition Ver.2015 Package:

  • 1 Blue 3D Printing Pen
  • 1 USA Power Adapter (110-240V)
  • Free Test Filament - 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filament in random colors, arriving in 10 grams per loop
  • Operation instruction manual
  • Aluminum Spatula designed to protect your finger against the hot nozzle

Anyone Can Draw

It doesn't matter what skill level you have in drawing or 3D understanding you have explored. This 3D printer pen is great for beginners for it promotes learning while having fun. It's a totally cool gadget that anyone can get a hold of and immediately use, for it requires no experience, special software, knowledge and skills, but only an individual's imagination and creativity at work. It caters to a person's artistic side towards crafting something original he or she can be proud of. The Ver.2015 3D printing pen is great for kids above 8 yrs old and adults can join the fun too.

Sculptors and enthusiasts who already own 3D printers would find this 3D drawing pen highly portable with its compact size compared to bulky equipment, and comes quite useful towards rendering their projects to perfection. The colorful filaments you can use with the 7TECH 3D Printer Pen make for decorative accents and beautiful masterpieces. Use your handy pen to repair an existing artwork such robots or creatures with fallen limbs, weld small parts to complement your 3D prints, and enrich your work with additional layers and enhanced texture. Artists, 3D drawing experts, hobbyists, art lovers, whoever you are, this art tool will surely meet your standards.


  • Newest Technology. The latest version of this 3D art pen adapts stat-of-the-art technology which paves the way for customizations and full control over its settings. Its user can manually control the speed, temperature, and make use of PLA or ABS filament based on their specific needs and preferences.
  • No Technical Requirements. You won't need a computer nor coding and technical skills to use a 3D pen. Simply load the filament, quickly heat it up, and doodle your way to tons of fun! It's just like your good old glue gun, only designed to be safer and do so much more to your utter amusement. This makes it a great kid-friendly choice of 3D printing pen.
  • Fast and Easy. Well-placed buttons and easy controls, plus the fact that you can draw anything you can think of real-time makes it way faster than conventional methods of rendering objects in 3D. Its silent operation also eliminates the distraction of a noisy pen.
  • Portable. Don't be fooled by the small and compact design of this 3D printer pen, for it is packed with a host of features that distinguish it from the rest. Bring your lightweight 3D pen on-the-go an create objects in the air anywhere you are and anytime you get inspired to produce a fantastic artwork.
  • Everything You Need. Accessories are provided for as well as connections for charging and detailed instructions. One set includes the 3D printing pen, randomly colored test filaments, user manual, and spatula. The power adapter fits in any standard socket which can power up your pen whenever you need it.
  • Colorful 3D Projects. Add color to your work with different filament colors to choose from which you can easily refill your 3D pen with.
  • Less Cost. The 7TECH 3D Printing Pen presents people with a better alternative that's more affordable, yet can perform better than other pens in the market. It's definitely worth the cost if you don't plan on spending hundreds to thousands of serious cash on a full-scale 3D printer.
  • One Year Guarantee. The manufacturer gives you the assurance of an authentic product as they entitle you as a valued customer to a 1-year premium quality guarantee.


  • Caution During Use. As much as a 3D drawing pen looks very attractive, it is not a toy. Safety measures must be observed during use, especially when in the hands of children. It is imperative that instructions are followed through, and to make use f resources such as the spatula for added safety while you create 3D objects.
  • Practice Makes Perfect. Though nothing else is required of you but to hold your pen and enjoy the freedom it brings, one cannot expect an instant masterpiece to come right out of it. Like any other venture, drawing with a 3D pen calls for practice, and more practice if you wish to achieve the most satisfying results.


A 3D printer pen has various uses, from tracing or drawing on templates, doing freehand movements straight into the air, welding plastics, customizing phone cases, to sketching prototypes, among a myriad of other things. What you create is entirely up to you, and as the brand encourages- your dream is in you! The 7TECH 3D Printing Pen is perfect for young minds as early as 8 years old for their optimal development.

Constant advancements in technology, the vast choices of video games and platforms, high-end toys, finding a present that will catch a child's attention can be a big challenge. Parents looking for something nice and wish to spend time with their child will have found the best gift in a 3D art pen. The young at heart, adults with an inner child waiting for some excitement once in a while, and those who are constantly in search of new things to try will be amazed with a simple 3D pen.

Get a hold of the newest technology in 3D pens at the best possible price that will give you more than your money's worth. With features outlined in this 7TECH 3D Printing Pen review such as compatibility with different filaments, advanced yet easy controls, LCD screen, jamming detection, and silent operation altogether embedded in a stylish pen makes it an excellent art tool. Undoubtedly, it will yield a similarly stellar outcome in your very own signature work of art!