Drawing is an art. What if you can bring what you have drawn to life, make it stand on its own, and touch it with your bare hands? It becomes your very own masterpiece! The CreoPop 3D Pen gives anyone the opportunity to experience this wonderful thing, and that’s not the best part yet. There won’t be a need for a 3D printer nor any complex 3D rendering technology required. We know that illustrations on pen and paper revolve around the x and y-axis, but there’s also the third dimension or the z-axis. There’s no complicated calculations to make a two-dimension illustration pop up, rather drawing is kept as simple as it should be. All you will ever need is your 3D printing pen, then it’s entirely up to you to let your creativity and imagination run wild!

No wonder, the 3D pen continually becomes popular as this new tool captures the interest of both kids and adults alike. It is great for beginners as it encourages learning while having fun, nurtures your artistic side, and allows you to bask in the freedom to express yourself through creating something that’s original. Since 3D printing pens do not require any experience, knowledge of the 3D world, special software, nor skills, it’s a cool gadget for every individual who wishes to explore what it can do. The young ones and the young at heart will be delighted to get a hold of it and do as they please as the pen draws into space.

The CreoPop 3D drawing pen is suitable as well for 3D drawing enthusiasts who have experienced one pen after the other, such as the 3Doodler and Lix. Though the brand does not really promise that it will be faster, more comfortable or ergonomic, or yield noticeably more detail than other pens on the market, there are certain aspects where it surely makes a big difference. Discover one of the most sought after art tools today in this CreoPop 3D Pen review. Its features, product inclusions, customer feedback, advantages and disadvantages have been outlined for you to help you come up with the best choice to meet your standards.

Excellent Features

Breakthrough Innovation

Some people feel they are less creative than others, while some think they do not have the talent to draw. Believe it or not, each person cannot be that different when it comes to what the mind can imagine. The possibilities are endless, just like how they are with the breakthrough innovation embedded in this 3D art pen. It’s one of the advancements in technology which you won’t even have to comprehend how it works, but purely enjoy what you get out of it.

Manifesting three-dimensional objects once seemed to be just for geeks or experts. Now, just a press of what a child would deem the magic button lets you draw 3D objects with ease and form any shape you want. You’ll be surprised upon coming up what you never thought you can do with this 3D printer pen and be the master yourself! It’s more than a 3D pen, but something that can inspire, unleash your creativity, and bring out the artist in you. If you’re already living in the wonderful world of art, take it to a whole new level with a tool that empowers you over your abilities and pushes your creativity to its full potential.

No Hot Parts or Melting Plastic

One of the main distinction that makes the CreoPop 3D printing pen stand out is that there are no hot parts and no melting plastics. There will likewise be no unpleasant smell, which can altogether be dangerous to both kids and adults. It’s like using a simplified 3D printer with similar functionality in the form of a hand-held device, but more complex than a glue gun without the risks involved in handling one. A 3D drawing pen falls somewhere in between these useful devices, and draws straight into the air to remain still to your amusement.

So how does this type of 3D pen work? It utilizes photopolymers which are solidified by means of the pen’s built-in LEDs. You can completely focus on creating the design you have in mind as you break-free from being too restricted with the possibility of your fingers getting burnt. Let your imagination flow without any worry lingering at the back of your mind. The ink does not get hot either, and switching to your choice of color takes only a few seconds. With no worries and endless possibilities, it’s no surprise that results often go beyond what you expect.

Safety is a Priority

Other 3D printer pens rely on melting plastic to deliver the ink in 3D, which can cause serious injury to the skin or eyes. With neither pen nor ink, or any other component getting hot to your touch, the CreoPop 3D Pen is safe for both adults and children. Moreover, all the included inks and those you intend to buy from the same manufacturer have been extensively tested for safety. They do not emit potentially harmful or undesirable odors. The LED lights incorporated in the 3D art pen are the same as what is used in LED flashlights, presenting no danger to its user.

No Power Cord In The Way

This 3D printing pen is battery operated, and there’ll be no hassle of changing batteries either. This power source is charged through mini-USB which has to be connected to a computer, laptop, or any adaptor. Plug it anywhere there is a USB charging option, and never run out of batteries. Once on full power, just grab it and go.

No power cord, no obstruction, no tangles, and no hindrances. You can move about without annoyances and disruptions as no cord gets in the way of creating 3D designs. In other words, nothing’s stopping you from creating something beautiful, original, unique and unlike any other!

Amazing Cool Inks

The CreoPop 3D Pen selection of inks presents you with different types arriving in 3-ink packages:

  • Regular Ink – Simple inks yet can produce outstanding finished projects. They arrive in various vibrant colors for you to choose to your heart’s desire, and gear you up for more exciting creations.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Ink – Remember those little glowing things that amused you while putting yourself to sleep? This kind of ink is designed to give off light by itself after exposure to light. It’s not the only thing that will glow-in-the-dark, for your face will surely light up as you see your artwork shining through.
  • Glittering Ink – Create sparkling objects that will make anyone’s eyes sparkle upon catching a glimpse of a beautiful form made from glittering ink.
  • Temperature Sensitive Ink – A type of ink that’s cool to the touch, and fascinatingly changes colors once exposed to heat and varied temperatures.
  • Aromatic Ink – Who said you can’t relax while building stuff or working on a project? This 3D printer pen does not produce any foul smells, instead, it invigorates your senses with lovely watermelon, orange, or pine scents!
  • CreoPop inks promote versatility with these variations, as well as elastic, magnetic, body paint inks, even those that can conduct electricity which are plain awesome for school science classes. Each ink cartridge yields 14 meters or a total of 46 feet when measured in a line, with a 1 mm diameter as the standard nozzle size of the 3D drawing pen.

Go pick whichever suits your needs and preferences best, your own color, your own style. There’s one for every artist, wherein each ink has its own special quality, yet share one similarity. That is, the inks are simply amazing and are bound to deliver you with awesome 3D creations!

What Customers Have to Say

Now that we’ve seen what this 3D printer pen is capable of in this CreoPop 3D Pen review, it’s time to dig deeper and further explore what customers have to say. What better way is there to learn than from personal experiences? In today’s time, you never have to learn things the hard way with the vast feedback coming from people who have used a certain product. Since CreoPop ships worldwide, and at no additional cost, you’ll be hearing by word of mouth over the web from customers coming from various parts of the globe.

Those who’ve practically applied its use share their thoughts on a great and fun tool, which may just be one of the coolest things on earth you can ever own! The 3D art pen allows room for customizations with different speeds and modes to your own choosing. One beautiful review tells of a customers sheer enjoyment of using the pen to create all sorts of art projects, and is constantly finding new ways to use the pen. This supports how innovative the product is, and how you can be as productive and limitless as your imagination takes you.


  • Unique Design. Found within this ready-to-use, no assembly 3D printer pen starting from one end is the battery, control board, ink supply system, and ink capsule, going towards the tip of the nozzle where the operation button rests on one side. This sleek design makes it lightweight and comfortable to hold. Using it is awe-inspiring with the seamless ink that comes out while you work your way to intricate design details.
  • Works Perfectly. Creating your project is made easier, beginner or not, since it does exactly what is should without any unnecessary mess and frustration. The different settings, such as fill and light mode, plunger speed, and rubber tips possessing various-sized nozzles give you full control over your 3D pen and attain its optimal performance during use.
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere. This 3D art pen can be used anywhere in the world, anytime you feel the gush of creativity. It’s highly portable and very convenient, as long as you have access to USB charging through a laptop, computer, or adapter to power your device.
  • Good Cost. The budget-savvy will be happy with this option presented to them, rather than have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a 3D printer. It comes at the right price that’s within everyone’s reach, giving anyone the privilege to experience how to draw the way it’s done in modern times.
  • Safe to Use. The photopolymer technology makes certain that neither the 3D pen nor the ink you use gets hot. Your fingers or your child’s delicate hands will not get burned, and the eyes are kept safe as well during use. The LED lights are similar to what an LED flashlight uses and is no reason for concern.


  • Requires Practice. The overall build and performance of the CreoPop is meant to make art projects easier and fun, but like any other venture you may enter, using a 3D printing pen takes a bit of practice. In line with this would be patience while your work of art is in-the-making, no matter what skill level you are currently at, and you will find yourself at the end of the road soon enough.
  • Use with Caution. Though safety is addressed and the risk of hot parts eliminated, the ink can react with some surfaces like where you decide to the project and where you lay your creation later on. If instructions are followed through and extra care observed, this might not be a cause of any concern at all.


About a year ago, what began as an Indiegogo project has now established a state-of-the-art tool as discussed in this CreoPop 3D Pen review. This product is for aspiring artists, craft enthusiasts, young explorers, adults who want to hone their skills, try new things, those who wish to let their inner child out, lovers of art, and anyone who wishes to draw, add a splash of color in their life, and have fun! Bask in the freedom to express yourself, or let your child engage in a one-of-a-kind activity that encourages appreciation for art.

A 3D printing pen lets you draw in space, but the CreoPop produces what you downright want to achieve. When it comes to buying a 3D pen, there are actually a myriad of options built with distinctive features, shapes, sizes, and weight. It all boils down to the overall value and worth, safety, and quality you deserve. The CreoPop Starter comes with one 3D printer pen, three ink cartridges, a mini-USB charging cable and instruction manual. It’s basically all you need, which ensures you get the most out of a 3D drawing pen for gaining access to all its features, enjoying the experience every step of the way, and taking pride in the outcome of your 3D project!