We have all seen how successful 3d printing has been over the past few years with computerized precision and with great details, now they have made a breakthrough and created a fantastic product that has changed the way people use 3d printers. Earlier there were only large 3d Printers which needed a computerized system and many other mechanisms to work together for creating a 3 dimensional mapped structure out of plastic. The 3D Printer Pen also known as the 3D art pen is an excellent tool which has made 3D printing a lot easier, it lets the users creativity flow as there is no computerized software to govern the precision.

These pens have the same filament used in larger printers to create hand made quick plastic structures out of thin air, once you have understood the fundamentals of this tool there are no limitations on the creative options this product has to offer. They are particularly getting very popular with art and craft enthusiasts all around the world, as the pen enables them to make optimum use of their imagination by spontaneously creating or even conceptualizing real 3d projects. Though these 3d art pens were made for professional artists and architects, people with amateur artistic skills can even use this pen to make some interesting designs.

They are truly portable and can be carried around everywhere you go unlike the traditional 3d printing hardwares, and hence they are also considered a better option for art enthusiasts or engineers and architects who need fast 3D printing to conceptualize advanced structures. It also comes a lot cheaper than the computerized 3d printers which rely heavily on system softwares for precision, all this makes it an excellent deal for people looking for fast 3d printing solution which does not limit their creativity in any way.

The GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Review : All That You Need to Know About this Fantastic 3d Art Pen

The GENESIS 3D Printing Pen is the best selling art tool made by Lasso Labs, their cutting edge technology and constant research has made this pen one of the best options for people looking for a well-priced and highly efficient 3D printing pen. Here are some of the details and amazing features of this innovative product that has quickly become popular with creative people of all skill sets.

GENESIS 3D Art Pen Details and Features:

The pen basically works on the same mechanism of a traditional 3d printer, it use plastic filaments to extrude fine strands on plastic which are then used to make any structures of any shape or design. Since this is fully manual the person operating the pen can express his creativity to the maximum and make use of the spontaneous ideas which are usually wasted because of limited means of conceptualizing. Lets take a comprehensive look at what else this product has to offer in term of quality and features.

  • 1.) Life Time Warranty: The GENESIS 3D Printing Pen comes with an added advantage of a life time warranty, the company takes great care in ensuring a positive customer experience by handling all queries well with their efficient customer service department. They accept all returns and replacements to minimize the customers risk and also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee, this works well in encouraging the people to make the buying decision as the warranty gives them a sense of security and adds to their confidence in the product.
  • 2.) Excellent Build Quality: In terms of build quality this product is outstanding, it is made with only high quality materials to ensure a very durable and reliable printing experience. It includes a detailed instructions manual with some precautionary measures to consider, these are meant to prevent certain misuses of the product which may lead to potential damages. If these measures are taken seriously the pen can prove to be quite sturdy and can be used for many years.
  • 3.) Dimensions and Portability: The pen has great portability as it only weighs around 1 pound, the dimension are 8.3 inches X 5.4 Inches X 3.7 Inches which is easy to carry in a backpack or a small bag. This acts as a strong selling point as people who work on the go find this tool great to express their spontaneous ideas without having to go through complicated machinery.
  • 4.) Included Filaments: Lasso Lab is giving away filaments of 5 different colors along with this product, the filament used are the usual 1.75mm PLA and ABS plastic sticks which need to be inserted into the feeding hole of the pen. It also includes a 3d Print Removal tool which can be used to make some minor changes or corrections.
  • 5.) Speed And Temperature Controls: The pen works on a basic heating concept so the printing depends on the speed of the material extruded and the temperature as it needs to cool down and solidify, the company has thoughtfully included buttons to control the speed at which the material is used as well as the temperature so the structure solidifies slowly or even quickly as per the requirement of the pen's user.

Some Additional Uses:

  • Increases Your Creativity: The innovative product pushes you to use and improve your imagination to make structures which seemed impossible to make before the 3D Art Pen was invented. If you are good at basic artistic skills like drawing, the pen will help you a lot in polishing your skills and bringing your work to life. Many people have reported that this pen has helped them in coming up with extraordinary ideas to showcase their creativity.
  • Fined Tuned: The product is highly polished and fine tuned it not only lets you mold plastic in any shape, but it also allows you to change the amount of material used to make most of the pens capabilities of making highly detailed projects. The final product that these pens deliver are spectacular with plenty of details and variations.
  • Makes a Perfect Gift: These 3D art pens make one of a kind gifts which are loved and enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, anyone with a general sense of drawing can uses this pen create some complex forms from their comfort of their homes. If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, siblings, partners and even children this is a perfect gift that will keep them busy and improve their creativity at the same time.
  • Modifying Plastic Objects: With this pen it is even possible to modify another plastic object like a plastic toy, showpieces, broken things etc. When something needs to be slightly changed or even fixed, this pen can get the job done easily by sealing cracks adding handles to be picked up or even transforming it completely as the possibilities are unlimited.

Now lets have a look at the Pros and Cons of this product which have been accumulated form real customers experiences and extensive research.

The Pros:

1.) Completely Safe and convenient to use - The pen is perfectly safe to use by people of all age including children as it has no hazardous components, though it is fully safe parents are advised to supervise children below the age of five years because of the potential missuses of this product. 2.) Endless Possibilities - It is possible to work with different colors and even some variants of plastic, if you work in an industry that demands creativity this pen can prove to be very useful as it gives you the power of plastic fabrication at the palm of your hands. 3.) Helps in Designing - It is Ideal for conceptualizing and experimenting before the final product is made, it is a great help for discussions and initial design. Many advanced artists, engineers and architects have reported that these pens help them a lot in portraying ideas during the initial phase of their designing. 4.) Very Light in weight and Extremely portable - Having a portable 3D Printer at your disposal has a lot of benefits which were not possible with the traditional computer driven 3D Printers, it can be easily be carried anywhere which makes it great for people who work on the go. 5.) Life Time Warranty - This eliminate the hesitation of the customers who want to buy these 3D art pens, the company offers a clean and genuine lifetime warranty and even accepts returns without asking any questions. This works well in making the customer feel more secure while purchasing the product, no other company offers a similar warranty in the whole industry.

The Cons:

1.) Limited Scale: Though the pens operates smoothly it is only suitable for making small scaled designs, since the material use is limited and does not have the adequate functionalities to create larger structures. 2.) No Additional Inks or Accessories : The GENESIS 3D Printing Pen is a great tool but lacks compatibility with special materials and inks, there are other variants available in the market that offer these accessories like glow in the dark inks, elastic filaments etc. 3.) Output Depends on the User's Skill : Like every other tool of art even this pen needs a personal touch of accuracy, it may seem disappointing to some new users with lesser skills as the prints may turn out to be shaky and inaccurate. 4.) Misuse can cause damage : There are some precautions mentioned in the user's manual that people need to consider while using this pen, ignoring these warnings may lead to potential damage to the product. This is a concern as the users are held liable for physical damages or missuses and the warranty does not cover such scenarios.

Some User Experiences:

- Customers are very satisfied with the build and functionality of the product, a particular customer has mentioned that he received five meters of free ABS plastic filaments in assorted colors, he also mention that a lot of patience and skill is needed to come up with elegant works of art. Initially everyone makes shaky and inaccurate objects but it makes your skill grow overtime and challenges your creativity. - Another verified customer has mentioned that this product has boosted his creativity and imagination, further he mentioned that it is serves the need of professional and expert users quite well. - Another customer who happens to be an artist by profession has reported that this pen works great in making a tangible replica of the real artwork, and it also adds a realistic element to the artwork.

All reviews and user experiences that have been reported are all positive and no one has reported any recognized problem with the build quality or functionality, this is a great reputation for a product which is used by all kinds of people including children. Many people are also feeling very secure and confident about this product because it comes with a genuine life time warranty and even offers a money back guarantee if the customers are not satisfied with the product.

Final Verdict/Conclusion:

People have always had incredibly positive opinions for this product, after looking into the details and testing the product ourselves we would definitely recommend GENESIS 3D Printing Pen to anyone who is looking to buy a 3d Art Pen. It makes a great gift for you friends, family or even colleagues with an interest for creating 3D models or art. Whether the users are young or old, experts or amateurs this product will surely keep them busy and also boost their creativity and patience. It is perfect for making school project and crafts making it a must have if your children are driven with creativity, it can even be used by professional who depend on 3D models for their day to day work, like architects and civil engineers.

In fact, GENESIS 3D Printing Pen is so efficient in creating pieces of art, craft and small designs that it is quickly becoming popular with many top notch artists all around the world. So if you depend on creativity for your work, need to portray ideas by making small designs or even if you have a young child in your house who enjoys making things, this 3d art pen is perfect for you. It makes a great deal compared to the old school 3d printers that are hopelessly expensive and have limited portability, the GENESIS 3D Printing Pen comes ten times cheaper than them and effectively makes the art of 3D modelling seem like child's play.