Once there was a time you imagined your illustration pop out from your two-dimensional drawing and spring to life. How about when you were thinking of something and attempted to draw it in thin air? tired of scribbling in black and white and tracing on plain paper? Now you can break-free from boredom and let go of that 2D picture, pencil or any other ordinary pen, for the 3D pen delivers doodles and drawings right to your fingertips and lets you touch your creation real-time. Find out how this all possible in this Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen review, and discover how a 3D pen can give anyone the joy of a totally new experience while learning to appreciate art from a different perspective.

3D drawing has made a huge impact on the consumer market, and continues to gain popularity by the day. Like the boom of 3D printing, 3D pens are now making a breakthrough in providing people with new things to try as they enjoy one of technology’s advancements. A 3D drawing pen offers a unique medium for sculptors, artists, children and adults, and anyone who wants to draw altogether. It allows exploration of the z-axis apart from the standard two-dimensional x and y’s, and draws right into nothingness to create a three-dimensional project. One reason this drawing tool has attracted people of all ages is the fact that it arrives in quite a simple form, yet is highly capable of doing the most amazing things!

Art lovers on a budget will love 3D pens which are relatively low-powered and low-cost compared to complex 3D printers which costs from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. The 3D pen’s body is very compact in contrast to the massive size of the bulky systems, but a bit bigger than your ordinary glue gun. The Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen is undeniably a lot safer, more fun, brighter and more colorful, which will keep you glued to your art project for hours.

Details and Features

Blue Light LED Technology

Polyes Q1 is the first 3D printing pen that has been infused with blue light and real inks. It boasts of rapid light-curing technology that can turn the wildest imaginations into vivid reality. As the very first photoactive resin-based 3D printer pen, the brand utilized a Nobel Prize winning LED technology. The blue light is designed to cure colored resins which render the 3D drawing straight into the air, and also significantly reduces risks of injury to the eyes. Future Make, creator of this pioneer 3D art pen, has indeed defined the future of 3D pens.

No Hot Parts. No Melting Plastics.

A 3D printer is built with an extruder which functions to heat up a plastic filament which is then extruded through a small nozzle as it follows the commands of its control system. The 3D pen literally places this extruder in your hand and eliminates the complex system, and puts you in full control. Similarly, you’ll be printing with plastic using a pen, only without melting it. There’s no need for heat, thus there’s no risk of your child’s fingers getting burned. Without the heating and melting process, neither will dangerous fumes and unpleasant odors be produced.

How does it work then? The Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen has dramatically set itself apart from other 3D printer pens that commonly use FDM technology or fused deposition modeling procedure. Instead of the typical process of melting plastic filaments, Polyes makes the distinction with their cool-ink method, SLA or stereolithography technology for curing a phototosentive resin. The 3D art pen extrudes a stream of liquid resin whereby a UV light then cures and solidifies in the fastest amount of time. This takes place without you ever noticing it as you draw your 3D object and completely focus on your work. You won’t be dealing with high temperatures but only coolness packed in a totally cool device! Apart from the safety standard of the instantly hardened resin without requiring a cool down period, you can rest assured that there are no harmful fumes emitted by the resin.

No wonder, anyone can easily draw what he or she has in mind with the convenience of using this 3D pen that oozes cool ink, and does it without any comprehensive 3D rendering involved. The makers of this innovative art tool even state that since the output is so cool, kids can actually draw designs on the body. It is non-toxic and won’t harm your own skin.


The Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen comes in various types of inks:

Colors-of-the-Rainbow Ink – Choose from vibrant colors and blend your favorite shades together to create colorful masterpieces with your 3D drawing pen.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ink – Glowing things never fail to amuse people of all ages. This cool-ink is crafted to give off light after being exposed to light. Once the night falls or the lights turn off, watch your child’s face glow together with his glowing finished project!

Temperature Sensitive Ink – This kind of cool-ink is exactly what it is, cool to the touch, but then changes colors according to varied temperatures and certain amounts of heat within the surroundings.

Aromatic Ink – This 3D printer pen does not produce any dangerous and foul odor. If you wish, you can choose cool-inks that produce aromatic scents that are pleasing to the senses to further boost your creativity!

Cool-Inks arrive in the lovely colors of the rainbow. They differ not just in color but in fascinating qualities such as glow-in-the-dark, aromatic, temperature-changing, transparent and blue-LED special. Each brilliant ink is environment-friendly, which lets you help save the environment in your own little way.

Develop Creativity

On top of a wide range of cool-inks to choose from, different design templates and patterns can be used for practicing 3D drawing skills. Practice makes perfect, in line with patience and perseverance, and staying right on track until you reach your goal. This 3D printing pen teaches all these to a child in a fun and exciting way. The 3D pen hones a child’s imagination by having this tool on hand that can unleash his or her full potential on creativity. The Future Make team is a group of science and technology enthusiasts passionate in inventing fancy things to make daily life interesting. The pen is colorful in itself, appealing most to kids and giving them an art tool to fight boredom. It encourages their playful nature while they are are learning in the process and their imagination and creativity goes beyond as they explore further.

Total Control

This 3D drawing pen device is built with a tilt sensor inside for adjusting things as you please. Resin flow speed can be set accordingly with a simple press of a key on the 3D printer pen. The mode switch presents effortless switching between different modes and using your preferred settings even as you go and move along intricate details of your 3D artwork. The integrated control buttons, from the power switch right at one end, speed control, backward motion, regular mode, light, and ink button, altogether enable you to be in full control of what you’re drawing.

Child-Safety Switch

The safety level sensor cuts out the UV light when the device is tilted beyond the right orientation during working. A child-safety switch is found there too, which ensures that the LED light automatically goes out once the pen is raised above ground level. This prevents a child’s eyes from being hurt by the LED light. Worries have no place to bother you while you use your 3D pen. It grants parents peace of mind while their child is presented with a means for optimal learning while having fun.

Battery Powered

Since the Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen operates on battery power, it relieves you of the hassles of wires. The power cord will not interfere during application of the cool-ink material. You will never run out of pen charge nor have to tinker with standard batteries with the portable with USB charging feature. This lets you power up even when on-the-go, wherever you may be, and anytime you need it as long as a USB connection is available, such as from a laptop, desktop computer, or adaptor.

A 3D Pen for Everyone

Beginners who are venturing into the incredible 3D environment have nothing to fear. This hand-held device requires only two essential things – a steady hand, and your imagination. It requires no knowledge of three-dimensional objects, no software and no CAD skill at all. Anyone can use a 3D printer pen and express their creativity without limits that are usually rigidly imposed by design software and the confusion it brings. The first pen proves to be a great choice until today as the ideal first 3D drawing pen to use. It paves a quick and easy way as your first step onto the 3D world with the distinction it has made right from the start, and all the excellent features it presents you with.

Artists, experienced illustrators, 3D enthusiasts will find that this 3D printing pen is reliable and handy. You can start from scratch and let your creativity rule. Use it for decorative purposes, repairs to an existing artwork, enhancing with layers and adding texture, or complement your 3D printer for welding small parts. Enjoy the flexibility it offers with its fluid ink, different colors to choose from, and various speed and modes, giving you the freedom to come up with an all-original masterpiece. All by simply drawing with your 3D pen!


-Adjustable Speed. The speed of the resin outflow can be customized by pressing a key on the 3D printing pen. This empowers you over the oozing ink and you can set it to suit your preferences best.

-Battery Powered. The Polyes Q1 can last for 40 to 60 minutes of constant use and immersive drawing experience. The LED display indicates the remaining power level so you will never run out right at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

-Great for Children. This 3D art pen is suitable for kids as it develops their young minds and their interest in drawing, while encouraging their creativity and letting them have all the fun!

-Good Price. This photopolymer curing technology is made available to consumers at an affordable cost that will suit any budget.

-Safety a Priority. The blue-LED minimizes risks involved when handling a 3D pen, if not totally eliminates them. Such factors include injury to the eyes or irritation of the skin, and even more serious effects on health with the dangers of unpleasant chemical smells. These are no cause of concern with the skin-safe, non-toxic cool ink.

-Go Green. Cool-inks are eco-friendly and does no harm to you, your child, nor the environment.


-More Cartridges. Though the pen lasts long, a single cartridge can only last roughly around 15 to 35 minutes with continuous use of the 3D printing pen. Hence, you might need more cartridges which you would have to purchase separately if you plan on working on a big project.

-Limited Colors. You can freely use resins of different colors, but the package contains only a few of the available shades. This is another reason you’ll have to buy additional ink, but is well worth the cost once you finally arrive at your ultimate goal of manifesting your idea of a unique 3D design.


A 3D drawing pen is the perfect gift that will make almost every child squeal in delight. It’s one of the coolest things a kid can ever own with all the excitement it brings and cool things they can create. Without any exaggeration, it holds the potential to make adults feel young again and help nurture their inner child, ready to embrace more learning and get the fun out of a mere pen. 3D experts will find it useful and deem it a highly valuable tool, as outlined in this Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen review.

The next generation Polyes 3D printing pen stands out compared to current 3D art pen technologies in many ways. Polyes has no heated parts, no melting of plastic filaments, and only uses cool-inks that are cured by blue light which is not dangerous to the eyes. This technique allows drawing 3D physical graphics, objects, structures and anything you can imagine rapidly with superior performance. Safety switches and sensors present security to both children and their parents, which means utmost enjoyment without any worries to hinder the fun.

Innovation, flexibility, portability, state-of-the-art technology, safety and convenience combined makes the Polyes Q1 Heatless 3D Printing Pen the best choice of pen for every age, whether novice or experienced 3D artists. Own the world’s first cool-ink 3D pen and you might just come up with world-class, eco-friendly, original three-dimensional creations!